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I have an unfair advantage, I care more than other Inspectors.

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Certified by InterNACHI for all of the following services - Click/press to read more

Annual Home Inspections
Annual Inspections

We can come to your house once a year and inspect for any needed repairs, servicing, or restorations that may need to be required. You will always know the condition of your home with our service.

Deck Inspections
Deck Inspector

We ensure that your deck and it’s structure is stable and there are no signs of rot, mold, or insect damage to any portion of the deck. We want to make sure that you and your family are safe.

Home Exterior Inspections
Exterior Inspector

We will inspect the exterior of your home to find any signs of weather or insect damage. This damage could continue to deteriorate causing more damage to your home over the course of time.

Radon Testing
Radon Tester

Radon is a harmful carcinogenic gas that can be present in any home. It is colorless, odorless, and only able to be detected with the use of special machines within the home for a period of time.

Roof Inspection
Roof Inspector

As long as it is accessible, we will go over your roof to ensure that there are no holes, rot, insect damage, or other signs of wear that could potentially result in leaks or structural damage.

WDO/Termite Inspection
Wood Destroying Organisms Inspector

The service you need to satisfy VA Loan requirements. Includes NPMA-33 form.

Crawlspace inspector logo
Crawlspaces are not entered very often and are notorious for hiding defects. 
Mold inspector logo
A mold inspection can include air and surface sampling. Also included is a moisture intrusion inspection which is the leading cause for mold growth in a home.
Moisture Intrustion Inspection
Moisture Intrusion

Small amounts of moisture present within the home can lead to dangerous amounts of mold growth. Also, the moisture can lead to rot within the wooden supports of your home.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

An inspection of all visible foundation walls and attic structure.

Chimney Inspector
Chimney Inspector

We know the ins and outs of various types of fireplaces that all have different effects on your chimney. We ensure that it is still in good structural health and no blockages are present or building.

Plumbing Inspector
Plumbing Inspector

We will inspect all aspects  of your water system to ensure that it is in good shape and can handle the amount of usage it will get with your family. Highly recommended for all home buyers.

11th Month Warranty Inspection
11th Month Warranty Inspections

This service is provided to new home buyers near the end of their first year builder warranty period. It is used to identify any deficiencies that may be covered under the builder’s warranty.

Attic, Insulation, Ventilation
Attic, Insulation, ventilation & interior logo
The attic area is not entered very often and is notorious for having issues with condensation and mold growth.
New Construction
New Construction inspector logo
Did you just purchase a new house? A new construction inspection will ensure that the builder completed all the work and is done to an acceptable standard. I do have an eye for detail.
Kitchen Inspector logo

The inspection of the kitchen revolves around the appliances in the kitchen. I will ensure that the appliances are installed properly and are in safe working order.

Wisconsin Home with a new deck looking out at a grassy yard with a body of water

About Lakeside Home Inspections

Lakeside Home Inspection is Ozaukee County’s Premier Home Inspection Company. The difference between Lakeside Home Inspection and all other Inspection companies, especially nationwide inspection companies is that Lakeside Home Inspection is built on a customer-based foundation. Nationwide inspection firms are only interested in selling you a home inspection not performing the best home inspection for you. Those companies go around buying/hiring newer, inexperienced inspectors trying to get into the business. All inspections at Lakeside Home Inspection are performed by Jeremy Hannert, the owner, who has multiple certifications in structure, roofs, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, mold, radon, chimneys, moisture intrusion, decks, and wood destroying organisms. Jeremy has been and inspector for 10 years and has performed 2000 inspections. Jeremy will provide you with the best, knowledge-based home inspection for you. At the end of the day Jeremy just cares more than the other inspectors.

If you are looking for a home inspection company because you are purchasing a new house, look no further. Jeremy Hannert, the owner of Lakeside Home Inspection, will provide you with the best, knowledge-based home inspection that money can buy. The inspection will cover everything top to bottom, inside and out. At the end of the inspection, you will have a complete understanding of the condition of your new house that will be relayed to you in a verbal summary at the end of the inspection and a digital PDF report with many pictures.

The pre-sale home inspection is a great marketing tool. It will give you a competitive edge over the homes in your area on the market. You can use the inspection as a tool to help sell your home faster and for the highest price possible. With the inspection report you can give full disclosure on the condition of your home. The inspection will also give the buyer greater peace of mind. With the pre-sale home inspection you will also have an opportunity to make repairs in advance, helping expedite the sale of your home. Pre-sale inspection is one of the most valuable tools to have when you are looking to sell your home.

Standard Rates

Home Inspections start at $395.00. This will include a full digital report with pictures that can be e-mailed to you. The inspection covers the main structure and an attached garage. These areas are but are not limited to Structures, Exteriors, Roofs, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Insulation, and Ventilation.

Radon testing with a Home Inspection $160.50
Radon testing without a Home Inspection $187.25
Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors with instant field results are used

VA Loan termite inspection $53.50 with an inspection
VA Loan termite inspection $214.00 without an inspection 

Mold Inspection with a Home Inspection $214.00 includes two samples, lab fees, and shipping fees
Mold Inspection without a Home Inspection $374.50 includes two samples, lab fees, and shipping fees
Each additional mold sample $80.25 includes lab fees and shipping fees

Rates will vary depending on square footage and age of the house.

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